Definitely A Tough Housing Market

You’ve heard the news over the past few weeks about the difficult housing market, and there’s no sense denying it. We’re certainly entering a stretch of rough waters in terms of home selling. Fortunately, these things go in cycles, so I anticipate things will turn around again. Hopefully soon.

However, until things do it just makes it all the more important to have someone on your side that knows how to market your home in a difficult selling environment.

With mortgage rates steadily climbing, people aren’t going to be as quick to buy a new house. So, getting them to buy yours requires the ability to help them see past the current financial environment and envision themselves enjoying the home in spite of the current markets.

I can help you do that and I even back it up with my ’90 Days or Less’ guarantee.

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Shares of Freddie Mac were down 93 cents, 1.6%, to $59.06 in afternoon trading Friday, while Fannie’s shares took a 1.7% hit, off $1.04 at $60.96.

The struggling housing market has been well documented, but at least one analyst is hopeful home builders can get back on track. Wachovia analyst Carl Reichardt said Friday that KB Home


) has been smart in lowering home prices and focusing on first time buyers. The praise comes just two days after the home builder said sales plunged 32% in its most recent quarter. Shares of KB fell 13 cents to $24.58, a 0.5% drop.

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