Home Improvements for Fall

When owning a home, it seems like you are constantly updating and finding new additions to add. When adding new additions to your home, pay close attention to what time of the year it is. Because in the winter the weather is cooler and there is less moisture in the air, this makes it perfect for certain home improvement projects. Also, some of these additions are more ideal for fall time because you will get more use with the cooler weather. Follow these tips to help your home get equipped with all of falls must haves:

  1. Building a Fire pit: There is nothing better than sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows on a cool fall night. If you do not have a fire pit, you can install one very easily. You can find a pre-assembled metal fire pit at your local supermarket or home improvement store. If you would like to take your fire pit to the next level, you can purchase bricks or stone and hand build one. All we ask before you install any kind of fire pit in your yard, please contact your local fire department and HOA to ensure that you are compliant will all safety codes.
  2. Plant Trees: Fall time is the perfect time to add trees to your yard. Because the summer months can be so brutal, it can be difficult for newly planted trees to root. Also, if you do plant a new tree in the summer, you will find yourself constantly watering it. When you plant during the fall you don’t have to worry about watering as much.
  3. Cleaning your Gutters: As summer storms blow debris into your gutters and fall drops leaves into them, they began to carry lots of weight. Cleaning your gutters regularly can be beneficial to ensure that the gutters have a long life. Fall time is an important time to make sure your gutters are cleared because in the winter they can also freeze up. If you don’t clean up and you have weight from leaves and now added weight from snow or ice, your gutters are more likely to come loose and be damaged.
  4. Organize Storage: No matter where your extra storage is, a garage, addict, shed, etc., it can heat up during spring and summer. With the cooler weather, this brings the perfect time to work to get all your storage areas cleaned out and organized.
  5. Pressure Washing your Home: Fall is also the perfect time to pressure wash your home. Because all the summer storms and spring pollen has fallen, fall is the ideal time to clean off porches, windows, siding, shutters, etc.

If you need help with any of these projects around your home, please contact us and we can get you in touch with one of our verified vendors.

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