Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween this week, kids are going to be out and about trick-or-treating. With children on the prowl for candy, unfortunately, there could be unwanted incidents that happen. Here are some tips from local police officer Cameron Kirby and the City of Rock Hill Police Department to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

  • Go to safe places: Make sure to trick-or-treat in familiar places. This could include your neighborhood, friend’s and families’ houses, and local festivals throughout your community. This will cut out the likelihood of getting lost and can be a large stress reliever. Also, it is always better to go to a house that has its lights on than a house that is dark. The general rule of thumb is, if the lights are off there is no candy.
  • Dress smart: It is tradition to trick-or-treat at night time, so when out and about make sure to wear bright colors. There will be more people walking down the street and through neighborhoods than usual and there will still be traffic. Wearing bright colors will help you stand out to passing traffic. If your costume is dark, put some reflecting tape around it to help you stand out. Also, don’t wear face masks that will obstruct your view. Non-toxic paint is a great way to decorate your face, but also still letting you be aware of your surroundings.
  • Lock up valuables: One of the most common crimes we hear about in York County is car break-ins. With more foot traffic on Halloween, make sure that the valuables in your car are put away and that your car is locked. Also, many pets suffer from anxiety and with many unfamiliar people coming up to your door, it can be stressful on your pets. It is always better to secure your pets in a safe and quiet place instead of risking them reacting out of fear.
  • Check candy: To all the parents that have little ones receiving candy, make sure you check all the candy to make sure it is still sealed. This also goes for those who are handing out candy. If you notice that a candy bar has a tear, just set to the side and that can be a stash for you!



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