Why You Should Buy Real Estate Now

Sharon’s Top 10 reason’s why it’s a great time to buy real estate

1. Choices, Choices, Choices. No matter what your price range is, this is a time where there are plenty of houses to choose from. Only a few years ago, the buyer was forced to make compromises in a very selective market, not always finding the home of their dreams. With the home inventory growing, this is the buyer’s time to buy and be selective.

2. Love, Not War. When you find the house you love, the last thing you want to happen is a bidding war. The buyer has more negotiating power when they are the only bidder, and time, money and sanity is saved. Bidding wars can cause complicated clauses and can drive up the properties listing price.

3. You can make an offer. Today the sell price list vs. price ration is about 96%. A seller will not be insulted if you ‘make them an offer they can’t refuse’.

4. Take Your Time. In the hot seller’s market that existed everything was rushed. Find a house before other buyers did. Hurry up and make the offer. Today a buyer can take their time. Look at several homes and think about your decision for a few hours.

5. Do Your Due diligence. In this market a buyer is encouraged to obtain a home inspection, termite inspection, and appraisal. In 2005 many buyers waived these contingencies in order gain an advantage with multiple offers.

6. There are plenty of specs. Now that the market has turned, there are several specs sitting on inventory. Builders offer incentives, and are now more flexible.

7. Repair requests are welcomed. After a buyer completes a home inspection, they are allowed to submit a repair request to the seller. In the past a seller might insist the home was sold ‘as is’. Many times, there were back-up buyers waiting for a primary buyer to upset the seller whose home was increasing in value almost daily.

8. Few Investors. It is estimated that one third of all sales in 2005 were to investors. These non-owner occupied buyer caused the market to inflate and affordability to decline. Mortgage fraud became commonplace. It’s a great time to buy without having to compete with hundreds of prospective landlords.

9. Real Financing is available. The ‘wink, wink’ zero down, no doc, adjustable, sub-prime loans are gone. Fixed rates are back. FHA financing, first time homeowner bond programs, special loans for teachers, and police officers are back in business. It’s a great time to buy real estate!

10. Location, Location, Location. Today’s buyers can find homes closer to work. In this market, reasonably priced homes are within biking or walking distance to schools, rapid transit lines, and relatives.

Source: Paul Pastore: Broker Agent News

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