10 Secrets For Selling Your Rock Hill SC Home Fast

Looking to sell your Rock Hill SC or Fort Mill SC area home quickly?  Keep these 10 critical ‘sell your home fast’ tips in mind as you prepare to put your house on the real estate market:

  1. Price it right. This one can’t be emphasised enough.  Especially in today’s tough real estate market, pricing your home correctly is the #1 most important thing you can do to guarnatee a quick sale.
  2. De-clutter your closets. Storage is an important feature of any house so if your closets are stuffed to the gills, it could be  HUGE turn-off for potential buyers.  Take out at least 1/2 the stuff to show off the storage space your home offers.
  3. Maximize the lighting in your home. No one wants to live in a dungeon so you want to maximize your home’s lighting.  Don’t be afraid to turn on all the lights when you have showings as this will help highlight all the great benefits your home has to offer.
  4. Choose the right agent. If you want your home to sell quickly, it’s important that you find the right agent for the job.  Don’t be afraid to interview several agents to find the one that fits you best.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references and go ahead and check with them.
  5. Hide the pets. Sorry, but not everyone’s a pet lover so be sure to hide as much of their stuff as you can.  Food bowls, toys, beds, and anything else that might tip off a potential buyer to the fact you have pets should be hidden as much as possible because even though it may not be true, it might give buyers the impression your house isn’t clean!
  6. Don’t overdue the upgrades. Doing some quick fixes before putting your home on the market are certainly advisable, but there’s no need to sink thousands of dollars into serious upgrades if you’re only going to put the house on the market.  If you have problems areas, go ahead and spend a little bit of money to minimize the problem as much as possible, but chances are you’ll never get your investment back if you go overboard
  7. De-personalize your home. You want potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home, but it’s difficult to do if you have too many personal items lying around or if the decor is too individualized for your tastes.  It’s okay to reflect your personality, but the more neutral you can make everything, the easier it will be for people to see themselves enjoying your house as much as you do.
  8. The kitchen is the one room where you can break the rules. Lets face it, a great kitchen can sell a house, just as quickly as a bad kitchen can keep it on the market longer than it should.  So if you’re going to spend a little money upgrading your home, the kitchen is the one room you can do it in.  Spending a little more in the kitchen may guarantee a full-price offer, or at the very least will help ensure potential buyers don’t ask for a serious discount because they think the house is ‘dated’.
  9. Be ‘show-ready’ at all times. Yes, having your house on the market can be a chore, but if you want it to sell quickly you really do need to keep it in tip-top shape at all times.  You never know when the ideal buyers might be minutes away from stopping by for a ‘surprise’ visit and you certainly wouldn’t want them to see it in any state other than it’s best.
  10. First impressions are really the lasting impression. If you want potential buyers to remember your home in a positive light, then it’s imperative that they’re first impression is a good one.  Invest a little money and sweat equity into making sure the outside of your home is inviting, otherwise it may not matter what potential buyers see on the inside because they can’t get the horrendous image of the outside out of their heads!

If you’re thinking about selling your Rock Hill SC, Fort Mill SC, or surrounding area home, I’d love an opportunity to share with you the various ways I work to ensure you get top dollar for your home!

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