3 Reasons Buying A Home Right Now Is A Smart Decision

Even as the turbulent real estate market flips and flops, trying to make up its mind which direction it wants to go, there are still plenty of people either putting their homes up for sale or are biting the bullet and purchasing their new dream home.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should go ahead and purchase your new dream home in spite of the current economic conditions, here are 3 reasons why it might just be the perfect time to buy a home:

  1. You want to move up to a more expensive home. We’re most definitely in a buyer’s market right now here in the Rock Hill SC and Fort Mill SC area, so if you’ve had your eye on a more expensive home, now is definitely the time to act.  I wouldn’t expect home prices to come up any time soon, but I also wouldn’t expect them to drop much more than where they’re at.  That being said, you might not be able to get that dream home of yours at such a steal-of-a-price ever again!
  2. It’s a buyer’s market, plain and simple. If you’re not currently tied to a property or don’t have to worry about unloading your current home, then you’re definitely in the driver’s seat.  Many home sellers are concerned about even getting a ‘fair’ offer for their homes, which plays to your advantage.  This kind of market allows you to dictate more of the terms of the sale and in many cases, the seller is much more willing to listen.
  3. Interest rates are still relatively low. There’s been a lot made about how tough the loan market is these days, but in reality, if you have decent credit, can put down a solid down payment, and are serious about buying a home there’s absolutely NO REASON why you shouldn’t expect to get a good loan.  In fact, rates are still extremely low when compared to historical averages and when you can lock in a good rate, you’ll be able to enjoy it for the life of the loan, no matter what rates do.

So, if you’ve considered making the leap and purchasing a new house in the Rock Hill SC or Fort Mill SC area, now is definitely a great time to act.  We’ve been fortunate in that the real estate market has stayed relatively strong when compared to other areas of the country and with the advantages you hold as a home buyer, the time couldn’t be any better to take action and buy your dream home!

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