Be a Successful Buyer in todays market

If you are in the market to buy a home, you probably feel like you are king.  You have been told over and over again that it is a buyer’s market and the “steal of a deal” you can get.

BEWARE! Many times it’s not always readily apparent why a particular house for sale is such a steal of a deal, and as a result you can be mislead into being a difficult buyer rather than a successful one.

Here are some qualities of a successful buyer to be sure you are on track to find the right house, at the right price, at the right time:

  • Provide your real estate agent complete and accurate information, whether it be financial, motivations, or time-lines.  The more information they have the more they can help you.
  • Set aside consistent time to learn about and to stay abreast of the market inventory.  Ask your real estate professional to send you homes currently on the market and keep track what price ranges are moving and what they might be selling at.  Your real estate professional can help you with statistics as well.
  • Be prepared to be competitive and disciplined.
  • Give serious consideration to your real estate professional’s advice.  There is probably good reason you hired this professional to work on your behalf so sure before you do hire a real estate agent, make sure they know their facts about the current market.

With these few basic qualities you’ll save yourself time and money, and will not be disappointed by unmet expectations.

Happy Buying!

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