First Time Home Buyer Tips

Suburban HomesBuying a home for the first time is so exciting.  Be sure you know these tips so that this experience is one you will WANT to remember.

1. Decide your needs from your wants.
  You may want a fenced in back yard, but can that be something you can add on later, where as you can’t change somethings like a homes location or number of bedrooms.  Be realistic and decided what you have to have and what you want to have.

2. Know your budget, and STICK to it.  There are many mortgage calculators to help you decide on what you can afford.  Just because you are pre qualified for an amount, does not mean that you can afford that amount.  You don’t want to be house poor where you can’t afford anything but your house payment and have no emergency fund.  As a homeowner, new home or not, there will always be an emergency.  Know your numbers.  A lender will be happy to help you.

3. Hire a professional.  You may think you can do this on your own, but seeking professional advice can save you money.  A professional can show you what a good price for the home is, so that you don’t end up over paying for a home.

4. Don’t be fooled by the shiny pretty lights.
  Always get a professional home inspection, even on new construction.  A home can be staged beautifully with pretty new things, but there could be major repairs that a novice wouldn’t know to look for.

5. Don’t hesitate when you find the “one’. If you have found the home that you feel and seems perfect, don’t wait to make an offer.  Some buyers think the home will be on the market forever, but often the best homes go quickly no matter what the market is like.  This is why it is important to have a professional from the beginning so they can help you act quickly when the perfect home is found.

Now that you have a few tips, good luck, and happy home shopping!

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