Hire A Real Estate Agent to Sell My Home

“Selling Your Family’s Home
Should NOT Be A Huge Headache!”

Selling your home is a big deal. For most people, their home is their single biggest investment and as a result, it’s CRITICAL that you have an expert on your side that can help you navigate all the ins and outs and complexities of today’s real estate market.

Now, it’s no secret that there are TONS of real estate agents to choose from.

Heck, there are probably even some jokes about the number of real estate agents to choose from, much like the lawyer jokes we’ve all heard.

For example, what do you call 100 real estate agents at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.

Sorry, back on topic.

Anyway, given all the options available to you, why should you choose to partner with me to help you with one of the biggest investment decisions of your life?

First, selling a home has never been an easy proposition and given the current financial markets, it’s become even tougher. In order to sell your home for top value and to do it as quickly as possible, you MUST have a comprehensive plan of action. And simply listing it in the MLS ain’t gonna cut it!

Achieving maximum success requires taking massive action. And that’s what I can do for you.

An interesting tidbit of information about real estate in today’s world is the fact that roughly 81% of all home searches begin on the internet. As a result, it’s CRITICAL to the success of your home selling plan to partner with an agent that knows and understands what it takes to market your home online, as well as offline.

Here’s what my home selling plan for you will typically include:

  • A detailed listing of your home in the Multiple Listing Service. This is the service almost all real estate agents use to let others know your home is on the market. When it comes to selling your home, this is a pretty standard service that almost any agent should provide. But, if this is the biggest piece of their home selling plan, you may want to reconsider your choices!
  • A detailed listing of your home on my personal high traffic website. In addition to the listing in the MLS, I’ll also include a detailed description of your home on my website. In fact, it will have it’s own dedicated page which will generate it’s own traffic to YOUR HOME. This will allow people not yet working with an agent to see your house and get all the details including square footage, photos, information about the neighborhood, and any other features that will help your home sell.
  • A video tour of your home posted online. Over the last year or so, online video has become a major staple in the way things are bought and sold. Both online and offline. While the same holds true for real estate, not many agents understand how to make online video work as part of a home’s marketing plan. Fortunately for you, my team and I do.

    I understand not only the power of using online video to help sell your home, but I also understand the intricacies of how to make it work to sell your home faster. You’ll get an online video, giving the viewers a walk through of your home, highlighting all the selling features your home has to offer. This video will then be uploaded to not only my website, but the various video sites online such as YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, and more. Again, doing this will significantly increase your home’s exposure to potential buyers, which ultimately translates into possible buyers.

  • A customized selling presentation sent to 100’s of buyer’s agents. Next to finding a home online, most homes are sold by buyer’s agents out looking for the’perfect’ home for their clients. So, in addition to getting your home as much exposure as possible via the internet, I’ll also ensure every agent that has a qualified buyer for you home knows about your property and all the features it has to offer.
  • My 90 Days or Less ‘Home Sold’ Guarantee. That’s right. I’ll guarantee in writing that I’ll have your home sold in 90 days or less OR I’ll pay you for the hassle of finding a new agent.

So, what’s the price of finding a new agent?

Well, the way I figure it, you’ll have the go through all the stress and hassle of searching for, interviewing, and finally settling on an agent. Definitely not an easy process. So to help ease the stress, I’ll give you a $100 gift certificate to one of the area’s nicest restaurants so you can go unwind after all the hassle. I know you’ll still have the headache of selling your house, but at least you’ll be more relaxed as you begin the process again!

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